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Matching up private and public SSH keys

I’m assuming we’re talking about OpenSSH.  There are other things out there like Putty and (incredibly) commercial versions of SSH, but thankfully I don’t have to touch those. The easiest mechanism for matching up the keys are the fingerprints.  The fingerprint is always of the public key.  There is no fingerprint for the private key.  […]

How Amazon calculates private key fingerprints

Short answer: I still don’t know as I haven’t looked at the code (or if it is even available.) Even shorter answer: ec2-fingerprint-key Why such an obvious post?  Well, I spent far too much time trying to figure out how to match up the information returned by ec2-describe-keypairs with the files I had on disk.  […]

Quick fixes for NAGIOS plug-in check_dell_warranty

Erinn Looney-Triggs wrote a nice plug-in for NAGIOS to check the warranty status of your Dell boxes with Dell.  However, some of the systems I support are running a seriously old version of Dell OMSA.  I sent him a quick patch back in May to handle old OMSA versions: [root@x plugins]# diff -p check_dell_warranty check_dell_warranty_test […]