About Me

Welcome!  I’m Jim Browne, a resident of Northern Nevada and a worker in the Internet industry.  After seven years of starting two companies, a year off, and seven years at a fairly large Internet company, I recently began my current seven year assignment of full-time work at home employee.  I don’t plan to do things in seven year stints; it just seems to work out that way.  I’ve had the incredible fortune to be in the right place at the right time many times which lead to: being on the Internet in 1989, working at NCSA prior to and during the development of Mosaic, being in Silicon Valley during the first Internet boom, and being in San Francisco during the second Internet boom.  As a result, I’ve met many interesting people and have been a part of and witness to many interesting projects.  I’m really glad I wasn’t born in 1530.  Those with the curiosity and oodles of free time can peruse my LinkedIn profile.

Why Blog?

I’ve contemplated starting a blog for several years.  For some reason I just never started.  Why start now?  Probably because I’ve switched jobs to working from home full time which allows me to spend some of my former commute time on other interests.

My primary motiviation is to hopefully provide knowledge and solutions to others.  Countless times I have searched for the answer to a question and found an answer online.  I’d like to write about each answer I develop after not finding a good answer via a search.  I suspect most of these posts will be about technical problems related to my current job.  I don’t intend to blog about my personal life or family, but we’ll see what happens.