I attended my first Ubuntu related conference earlier this month, the Ubuntu Developer Summit for the Quantal release.  We use Ubuntu heavily at 42lines, so it is a bit embarrassing that I didn’t even know about UDS until I saw it mentioned on Eric Hammond’s blog.  I was planning on being in SF a few days after UDS was being held, so I adjusted my travel plans and dropped by Oakland.  The main attraction for me was the session on packaging more AWS tools for Ubuntu.  I had worked with Scott Moser of Canonical earlier in the year on having the ELB tools packaged for Ubuntu.  At this session I signed up for updating the RDS and IAM tools to the latest upstream version and packaging the ELB and Import/Export tools.  So far the first three items are done.  The results can be seen in the awstools-dev Launchpad repos and soon should be seen in the awstools-dev PPAs and Quantal itself.