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My rabbit hole(s) of enforcing multi-factor authentication in AWS

I’ve been using AWS since EC2 was in limited beta.  At 42Lines we’ve built a lot of infrastructure on AWS that pre-dates most current AWS features like IAM.  While we’ve been using IAM for all new projects, we recently decided to enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all infrastructure and cease all use of account (root) keys.  This […]

Layer2 for Route53 in Boto

Finally pushed my take on the Slick53 integration proposal for Boto; where does the time go?    

Boto bug with AWS ELBs

The past two weeks I’ve been spending more time tending to our cloud infrastructure.  It seems that we use areas of AWS that most boto users don’t seem to as I usually find a bug in boto each time I circle back to our cloud assets.  Last time it was Route53 WRRs.  This time I […]

Listing Amazon EC2 events

I have a post over on our work blog about listing pending events in Amazon’s EC2 using python and boto.  Maybe I’ll post to the work blog more regularly than I post here.